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Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony delivers automated telephone applications to any phone, any place, anytime.

Cloud Telephony is perfect for businesses that want innovative phone solutions, or simply need to eliminate the costs, responsibilities, and risks of ownership of traditional premise-based phone systems. While offering much more flexibility than a traditional phone system, Cloud Telephony is quick, easy, and affordable for any size business.

Cloud Telephony Applications

You’re probably already familiar with Cloud Computing applications such as web-based email, accounting, or CRM software you access online. Here are some examples of telephony applications in the Cloud:

Virtual Call Center
Set up a call center, with agents using any phone anywhere, in just minutes.

Hosted IVR
Visually design an interactive voice response phone system using web forms.

Voice Broadcasting
Automate outbound calls by simply uploading a list and recording your message.

Call Tracking
Activate Call Tracking Numbers and run real-time reports with details about your calls.

Store Locator
Route calls based on the caller’s location to your nearest store or franchise.

Cloud Telephony For Businesses
How do businesses use cloud-based telephone applications? Here are four examples:

Routing Inbound Phone Calls
If you want a phone number that your customers can call to automatically check on the status of an order using IVR phone menus, with an option to speak to a home-based agent using a virtual call center application, you can do that with Cloud Telephony.

Analyzing Call Tracking Data
If you want to view how many calls you receive from a newspaper ad, TV commercial or pay-per-click campaign, with the option to customize how you greet and route each caller, you can do that with Cloud Telephony.

Broadcasting Interactive Outbound Calls
If you want to automatically call customers to confirm the scheduled delivery time for an oven, bed or television, with an option to reschedule by speaking with a live agent, you can do that with Cloud Telephony.

Integrating With Databases
If you want to automatically call your customers at the completion of online transactions to thank them for their order, ask a few survey questions and post the results back to your CRM using a telephony API, you can do that with Cloud Telephony.

Why Use Cloud Telephony?

“I got a quote 3 months ago for an IVR for $15K that you guys can do for $49.95 a month plus usage. And that was 15K each time I needed to change something or create a new menu. I’ve already told 7 people about this, I’m totally ecstatic.”
Luke Jaten, Direct Marketing Group
“The amount we had been quoted to build our own IVR was astronomical and you offer a complete solution affordably. Your interface is easy to understand and amazingly flexible to alter our business at a moments notice.”
Bob Bira, MyContact411.com
“Ifbyphone helps us by delivering cutting edge IVR Solutions at record breaking prices. Not only do we sound as professional as fortune 500 companies, but Ifbyphone makes it even easier for our customers to get what they want, when they need it.”
Chance Korte, Chance Korte Communications

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